Friday, November 3, 2017

Meet Local Author, Beverly Mader Wilson, TODAY!!!

Author Beverly Mader Wilson provides a presentation centered around her latest book, MARA, to the Colfax Branch of Whitman County library on Friday, Nov. 3 at noon.
Beverly Mader Wilson is the granddaughter of two pioneer families of the Palouse area.  By means of this book, she hopes to increase appreciation for our area history, not only among those who love the Palouse, but also in those who are new to our region.

The Center - Friday, Nov. 3, noon

For more information, contact Whitman County Library at 509-397-4366 or visit us online at
Coffee and cookies will be served following the author's commentary on some little known historical landmarks around the town of Colfax and of early farm life in the neighboring countryside. A book signing  will be made available for those wanting to purchase the book.  People have asked the author if Mara's fictional family is the history of her own family, that of Fred and Lucille Mader.  She responds with a decided, "No"!  She says that in her youth, she spent most of her free hours either on the piano bench or in riding the school bus for two hours each day, each way.  During those hours, reading library books was a passion.  However, parts of the book, MARA, are actually true.  It will be up to the reader to decide which parts he or she wants to believe!

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