Sunday, May 31, 2015

Coming to Colfax - Climate Change: Whom Should You Trust

“Climate Change, Whom Should You Trust,” by Dr. Peter Haug will be presented Thurs., June 11 at noon at the Colfax United Methodist Church, 109 S. Mill St. This public presentation is free, sponsored by Whitman County Library in partnership with Colfax Rotary. Lunch is optional for $12 and can be reserved by calling the library at 397-4366.

Dr. Peter Haug, will share tips for distinguishing fact from opinion, and share his own perspectives, research and conclusions. Topics being covered include: The science is settled or is it? The Earth’s changing climate, our understanding. What are the implications of change throughout the societies of the world? What’s being done and how can we adapt to change, mitigate and sustain a positive approach to an evolving global civilization?
Dr. Peter Haug’s career in environmental impact analysis spans nearly 30 years including experience using computer models to analyze ecological systems, and spent more than two decades studying environmental impacts for state and federal agencies

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